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The Mysterious Woman Next Door
Part of the "Little Red Book Series" from Lummox Press
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Copyright © 2008, W.S. Gainer
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Bill Gainer's poems bring both quick, natural laughter, and a punch to the heart.  Sensuality and attention to detail light his work: a high heel shoe, a color, someone wanting to make everything clear as rain and right as the dark corners we can't see beyound.
-Ann Menebroker

If Gainer wrote motion pictures, they’d be noirs. If he wrote novels, they’d be pulp. But he doesn’t, he writes poems and they’re magic – that’s his secret, he knows how to find those open windows and the notes left there. When you’re with him, you soon learn he leaves no heart empty.  So, if it’s a foggy night, if the lights are down low and maybe – a cigarette’s left burning, leave A Note in the Window.  He’ll find you

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Available from Rattlesnake Press
Rattlesnake LittleBooks are half the size of a regular chapbook and are saddle-stapled. They are purse/pocket-sized collections of mini-bites: quick, easy-to-read, but just as full of meat! Poetry with fangs, again – but more portable in this format.

Joining the Demented is a delicious sampling of a world few get to live in. But then again, few answer the invitation – this is yours...

Roxy is After Hours Poetry; when the lights go down and the memory of last call has faded into the exhaled smoke of a bummed cigarette – Roxy comes to life. The poems are rooted in the street, caress (no slam) the frailties of the human relationship, lean toward the erotic and show that honest poetry, feelings and emotions, cannot be confined by political correctness. In fact, Roxy is not a politically correct collection. Cirillo, Gainer and Staple don’t tell those gentle lies.

LRB #58
Louisiana Calling

Send a card when you get there.
I’ll miss you till next time
then after that.

Until then
may all your dreams
need alibis.

Remember me –
the last one
to say goodbye ...
Bill Gainer
NightBallet Press
Cleveland, Ohio
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The second in the Red Alice Books' Pulp Poem Series, The Fine Art of Poisoning continues the experiment. The idea was to produce five titles of limited print runs and page count, to size them as mass market trade paper and only sell them on the merch table at the lowest possible price. It worked. Surprised us too! Now affectionately known as the “Little Books,” the Pulp Poem books continue to find homes around the world.
The Fine Art of Poisoning is love story, told only as Gainer can - with a cigarette, a cold drink and that woman leaning on his shoulder. And there's always - that woman.


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If Lipstick and Bullet Holes is a true story, you'll have to ask, "Why, why did they ..."  

Yeah, there was another woman – Patzie. They wrote love poems to one another. Some true, some not, they had fun. She got sick, took a while, gone now. She was a little older, him – banged around some, it showed. Time gave them about that much, not much, about as much as you can squeeze between two fingers when they’re pinched tight – not much. Yeah, they used to write love poems to one another. He still does.