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Bill Gainer:




Bill Gainer (aka: William S. Gainer, W.S. Gainer) (February 17, 1949 –),

an American poet and essayist.





Born in Oakland, California, Gainer spent his early years in the San Francisco Bay 

and Monterey Bay Areas of California.  Gainer lived in Santa Cruz, Aptos and

Watsonville areas of Santa Cruz County until his early thirties when he relocated to

the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California; where, as of 2008, he continues

to live and work.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   by Laura Gerhart




Bill Gainer is known for the openness of his confessional poetry  and is recognized as one of the founding contributors to the modern movement of "After Hours Poetry." He has contributed to the literary scene as a writer, editor, promoter, publicist, publisher and poet. Gainer considers himself forever influenced by an odd mix of outsiders. He says, early on he was swept away by the boldness, courage and brevity of the works of Richard Brautigan and Michael McClure. Later he found himself enthralled with the story telling talents of the likes of Tom Waits, William Kennedy, Johnny Cash, John Prine and a legion of "Meat Poets," including Bukowski. Gainer has a long standing love of the short poem, but is often more recognized for his longer pieces. He continues to read and work with a wide range of poets and writers, including readings on KUSF  radio with Punk-Rocker Patti Smith and performances with California's Poet Laureate, Al Young. Gainer is nationally published and remains a sought after reader.   


Gainer is the host of the cable access television program, ''From the Fringe with Bill Gainer and that Woman'', on NCTV.  The program’s  premise is to bring exposure to those living on society’s fringes: the writers, poets, artist, singers, songwriters, the small business person, the rebels, outlaws, schoolteachers and those surviving in the underground economy. Gainer believes these people form the foundation of a community and that they are continually overlooked and under appreciated by the mainstream populous and media. Gainer says, “We walk by these people everyday on the streets, in the movie theaters, the supermarkets, courthouses and schoolyards never realizing that their contribution to the community makes us who we are.” Gainer says, “It’s a good thing to say thanks – once in a while.”






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